The Ice House  development is one of three projects that make up the Ice Blocks redevelopment effort in Sacramento's historic R Street Corridor. The six-story project is broken into three distinct parts and includes 142 urban apartments with a common roof garden over parking.  Along the street frontage the project includes restaurants & retail spaces. The project was completed in 2018.
  The Triangle Rowhouses  are single-family brownstone style homes built on an infill site in the Oak Park Historic District of Sacramento.  The contemporary houses with detached garages utilize brick detailing to strengthen a context with historic ties to a local brick masonry manufacturing plant, and the prevalent use of masonry in the area.
  The 2nd Avenue Rowhouses  are contemporary small urban infill homes inspired by traditional brownstones.  The highly efficient units are in a walkable neighborhood, with garages banked together adjacent and separate from the houses to allow for front stoops and private rear gardens at each house.
  The 3rd Avenue Bungalows  are a 7- home infill project incorporating a 1918 abandoned house.  Two new street facing homes echo the historic patterns of the existing house, and the 7 homes together wrap a shared green space that doubles as a water retention swale.
  Cannery Place  is a mixed-income, mixed-use development anchoring a new 60 acre redevelopment area in the former fruit packing district of Sacramento.  The 200 unit building occupies a city block, and is designed to wrap around a five-story parking garage.  The project incorporates a small public park on the corner, with a cafe space adjoining.
  The 4th Avenue Lofts  is an infill project comprised of 10 zero-lot line homes in the Oak Park redevelopment area of Sacramento. The project -first of its kind in the area- succeeded in attracting new people to the district with its open loft spaces, modern materials, and positive urban design. The three homes anchoring the corner feature brick detailing relating to the historic area, and ground-floor work spaces that accommodate small commercial uses.
  1801 L Street  - the first major housing project in central Sacramento in several decades- is comprised of 175 apartments (80 DUA) and street level restaurants & retail, designed to integrate into the historic patterns of Sacramento’s Midtown neighborhood.  At its perimeter, the building responds differently to each street frontage; at its center the plan is organized around a large courtyard, built over an underground parking garage. The design solution breaks the building into multiple parts, and incorporates unique detailing for each part.  Openings in the street facade allow portals for discovery into the courtyard beyond.
  9 on F  is a nine-unit infill project on a small urban site in downtown Sacramento.  Two street facing houses reinforce the historic district character; seven interior homes express contemporary detailing in a three-story plan.  Parking is accommodated from the alley behind in the highly walkable neighborhood, and the houses feature many sustainable features, including geothermal HVAC.