The historic Ice Blocks on Sacramento's historic R Street Corridor involve three city blocks of redevelopment. The project includes 140 urban apartments, two restaurants, and multiple retail spaces. The project will be completed in 2017.
  The 4th Avenue Lofts is a 10 unit home ownership infill project in the redevelopment area of Oak Park in Sacramento.  The project seeks to attract new people to the community with its open loft spaces, and use of modern materials and positive urban design.  The project achieved the highest per square foot sales values to date in the community.    
 A major infill effort, the project is comprised of 175 apartments (80 DUA) and street level restaurants & retail, designed to integrate into the historic patterns of Sacramento’s Midtown neighborhood.  At its perimeter, the building responds differently to each street frontage; at its center the plan is organized around a large courtyard, built over an underground parking garage.  The design solution breaks the building into multiple parts, and incorporates a unique detailing for each part.  Openings in the street facade allow portals for discovery of the courtyard beyond.
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