The Elliott Building , constructed in the 1920’s as an auto sales and service facility, was renovated and adapted to include three new uses on its three floors- restaurants, office, and lofts- with a new fourth floor added to rest lightly on the masonry base. The completed building has re-energized the district, and for several years was home to Governor Jerry Brown.
  The Arnold Bro’s Building  is a local landmark building constructed in 1925 as an auto dealership, and was renovated and adapted to accommodate four restaurants, loft housing, and the offices of Vrilakas Groen Architects in 2003. The project- 3 blocks from the State Capital- has been instrumental in transforming the neighborhood, and has become one of Sacramento’s most vibrant corners.
  The Fuller Bldg. Lofts  are an adaptive re-use of a 1920’s warehouse located in Sacramento’s R Street Corridor district.  The lower level has been converted to small work spaces; the upper level to expansive lofts.  Existing fabric of the building has been carefully retained, and a new lobby and steel entry system was added within the ground floor.
 The Firestone Building operated for nearly 90 continuous years as an auto tire facility, built with an open corner and art-deco detailing. The adaptive re-use project resulted in four restaurants on the ground floor, and a lounge with roof deck on the upper level. The building underwent significant upgrades while maintaining its historic building status.
 An early transformative projects for Sacramento’s R Street Corridor, this 1920’s former bakery & warehouse was converted to restaurants, night club, and retail space, and helped spark a series of projects in the vicinity that make the corridor one of the City’s most interesting neighborhoods.
 One of Sacramento’s oldest coffee houses, the Weatherstone remodel was intended to maintain the well established aesthetic, while enlivening and adding a bar and kitchen.  Vrilakas Architects designed all components, including millwork and lighting.