The Sofia  -home of the B Street Theatre- is a two theatre complex with supporting rehearsal and office space, a restaurant, and an outdoor courtyard on an infill site in Sacramento’s historic Midtown neighborhood. Along with the venerable B Street Theatre, the venue is also home to the Sacramento Children’s Theatre and it hosts regular concerts and lectures.
  Ice Block 3  is one of three projects that make up the Ice Blocks redevelopment effort in Sacramento's historic R Street Corridor.  Ice Block 3 incorporates into its facade a two-story masonry wall from the historic warehouse that previously occupied the site.  The new retail and office space shape a series of open courtyards that serve as an unexpected public pass-thru, while bringing shopping and dining outdoors.  The project was completed in 2017.
  The Broadway Triangle  development includes two mixed-use buildings along an historic but vacated commercial corridor in a redevelopment area of Sacramento.  The buildings intend to strengthen the historic district’s sense-of-place, while bringing commerce and residents to the formerly blighted boulevard.
  1813 Capitol Ave  is a small-lot infill development accommodating a restaurant, four residential lofts, and seven parking spaces within a 40’ wide lot in Midtown, Sacramento.  Fitting between historic commercial and residential structures, the contemporary building provides contrast while relating in scale and massing to the mixed-use streetscape.
  Township 9 Light Rail Station  is part of a redevelopment effort of a former fruit cannery facility in central Sacramento. Two open sheds were constructed to shelter the station using re-purposed wood trusses, steel windows, and brick from the former warehouses on the site.  A nearby historic scale-house was also re-located to the station, and adapted to become a small cafe serving awaiting passengers.
  1500 Q Street  combines historic preservation and affordable housing on a small infill site in downtown Sacramento.  The historic corner market had been battered by fire and floods, its rear carriage house destroyed.  In a public/ private partnership, the project rebuilt the historic market, and constructed new loft rowhouses where the carriage house had stood.  Completed in 2001, the project was one of the first new loft buildings to be completed in Sacramento.